ESET is AWESOME – Merry Christmas Thank You!

As ALL my clients know there is only ONE anti-virus solution I use and I’ve stuck by them since 2006. In fact – everyone that is on a Managed Services Plan with Ingalls Computer Services GETs ESET professional business quality software as PART of their plan with us. There are NO questions about it! You go with Ingalls Computer Services – you get ESET!!!

And why?? Well not just because it’s GREAT but ESET’s SUPPORT IS GREAT and the people behind the company are GREAT. We interact with the Chat Support team frequently and always have lauded their great support. Today we were AWESOMELY surprised for an early and unexpected Christmas present! Being GEEKS nothing beats posters, hats or t-shirts!!!!! Thank you ESET!!!! If you want GREAT security and proactive approach to keeping your systems running great (vs. waiting for disaster to strike) then give us a call! Let us help you get set up with ESET and our full services!

Thank you ESET for awesome security


Early Christmas Surprise!!!! What could it be???? ….

Get covered by Ingalls Computer Services Managed Services and you will get the BEST security software from ESET

We surprise our customers with the BEST anti-virus software >>> ESET. And ESET sends us a surprise just before Christmas. What could it be?

You made our day ESET! And you make our customer’s day EVERYDAY!!! Thank you and thank you for your AWESOME SUPPORT TEAM, management, software engineers, and more! All clients of Ingalls Computer Services that are on a Managed Services plan get, without question, ESET protection. We feel it’s THAT important!

Here’s one of two of us Geek’s in total Geekdom Happiness opening up early surprise Christmas gifts! Happy Holidays to everyone and Thank you ESET!

ESET provides early surprise Christmas gifts to thankful MSP provider and protection to our customers

One of two VERY HAPPY geeks! Thank you ESET! Talk to Ingalls Computer Services about how we can set you up with the BEST security solutions and proactively make sure your computer is looked after 24×7!

Once again – Thank you to EVERYONE at ESET!!!! Wish we could join you in San Diego but this is pretty awesome! Contact Ingalls Computer Services if you want the BEST in protection, proactive action and having a teammate, a slice of an IT Team, looking after your best needs!

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