Intro into the world of Windows 10 articles

Throughout the year I promised that we would provide more information about Windows 10 and upgrading.

That time has arrived and I’ve put together important thoughts and information that I believe you must read if you still are wondering about or planning to upgrade to Windows 10.

The first article, “Upgrade to Windows 10 or not, is about Windows 10, about Upgrading, and very importantly the risks and what you must consider before upgrading. This is the most important article of the collection. If you read nothing else then read this one … or skim over it and read the bolded parts!

The second article, “SERVICES WE OFFER to specifically help with Windows 10, outlines what services Ingalls Computer Services offers specific to Windows 10. Help with upgrading, doing upgrades safely and securely using ICS procedures and methods, helping configuring privacy and other setup options for systems that already have Windows 10 on them, helping with failed upgrades and restores, and more. Note it is important that you read the first article so you the relevance and importance of what we offer.

The third article is a special interest ‘extra’ article that provides a deeper dive into Windows 10 privacy, advertising, tracking, data collection, the potential for unexpected and perhaps undesired content to show up within Windows 10 while using Windows 10, controls we might have over these things and more. Read the first article and if what you find in their interests you to want to know more then read this one afterwards. This third article is titled: Windows 10 Privacy concerns may just be tip of larger iceberg

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