Remote Support

Need remote support NOW? Call me!

If you are a current client on a current support plan I can, with your permission, likely access your computer with our secure software and help you with whatever question you have. Just call me!

If you aren’t a current client or if we need to use a different way to connect to your computer I will walk you through one of the two options below.

1) Click Here For Remote Support then follow instructions I’ll give you via phone.


2) Download and install this free system tray application:


Once installed you will have a system tray icon that looks like this: 

You will then have quick access to send us your request for help, send a screen snapshot or for us to easily direct you to using our remote support software.

If you are calling for immediate help and we use this tool then I will provide you with more detailed instructions at that time for how we will use this tool so I can connect and help you right away!

3) Last option as a temporary backup method I will ask you to click on the following link to download and install TeamViewer software for personal use and after initial connection help get one of the other above options going for our support session.