Security Concerns about Third Party Software on your computer (part 3)

Significant security concerns … on your computer … must not be ignored.

This is the third and last of a series of posts on this topic. Note I will use ‘3rd Party app’, ‘apps’ and ‘Third Party Software’ interchangeably throughout these postings.

In the last post I covered ‘How many 3rd party apps do you think you have on your computer?’ and you likely learned you have many more than you ever imagined. (Average is 14-18 per computer with 80% of computers having 10 or more, 50% having 15 or more.)

Now it’s time to talk about the surprising frequency and number of updates these third party applications have. And a wake up call that most of them have updates that you haven’t known about and thus are not up-to-date on your system. And some information about why don’t you know about them, why is your software so out of date, what are the risks (damned if you do, damned if you don’t) concerning updating third party software and how can you get ‘Peace of Mind’ with this whole topic!

  • How many updates? How often are these updates, really?

Across the 54 apps users of our user base use (users just like you) there have been 145 updates in just the first 120 days of 2015! That’s more than one update every day for the first 4 months of this year! And remember we are not talking about your regular Microsoft updates. These are updates to some known (and many unknown to many users like yourself) third party software applications that are on your computer, that you depend on, that you hope and expect are secure.

Some FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) and then a wrap-up …

What can I do so I don’t have to deal with this issue? How can I have ‘Peace of Mind’ knowing it’s all being taken care of for me?


  • Let Ingalls Computer Services take care of it for you!!!
    Call us and subscribe to one of our Managed Services Plans. Don’t skimp on this. This is important.
  • In other words: You do nothing! Sit back and we take care of the updates for you. You get ‘Peace of Mind’ knowing your software is being looked after and updated. You won’t get unwanted extra software, toolbars or surprise changes from the updates. You don’t need to worry about any pop-ups telling you about updates*. Just let us take care of them for you.

Want more detail. This link takes you back up to the area above that explains ‘Why subscribers to Ingalls Computer Services Managed Service Plans do not have to worry about this.’

*There are occasional times when Ingalls Computer Services may have a pop-up about updates but this usually is not the case. The times we need to are very few. The advantage is you know these pop-ups from Ingalls Computer Services (if we even need to use one) can be trusted and they are there to provide you the extra service necessary for some special case updates.

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