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Costs vary depending on your needs, nature of problems and solutions that are best suited to meet your goals.
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Some of our services …

Managed Services Plans

Proactive monthly security, backup system and performance maintenance.
24/7 alerts. Access to discounted hourly rates on additional services.

Computer Diagnosis / Evaluation

Unsure what’s wrong with your computer? Would you like information about what’s wrong before committing to a potentially big repair? Then this is the service for you! Tell us what problems you are experiencing. In return we will thoroughly examine your computer, provide an assessment of what’s wrong, and options for next steps. Our evaluation process is ‘pro-active’; meaning during the course of the evaluation we may take actions to help diagnose your problems. Many times these actions are a step towards fixing your computer. In some cases clients have had some or all of their issues resolved with just this ‘Evaluation’ service.

Analyze & Advise: Keep? Replace? or Repair?

We will analyze and inspect your computer inside and out and tell you our thoughts on the pros and cons of keeping your computer vs. purchasing a new computer. We will share with you ideas we have that we think might be helpful in keeping your current computer running well or even better than it is now. You tell us what you want from your computer (current or new) and we will share our thoughts on using your current computer vs getting a new computer and some idea of the implications of each. You can then use the information to help you decide whether to keep your current computer for the short term, the long term or if it’s better to make the jump to a new system. This is especially useful for clients that would prefer to not purchase a new computer and want to know if keeping their current computer makes sense and what options there may be to keep it running well, or very likely, what can be done to have it run better! This service helps other clients learn about options of continuing to get good alternative use from their older computer while still going ahead and purchasing a new computer. And for some clients this service can let them know that their current computer is very much out of date and potentially what very big risks they may be taking every day they use their computer. That they must do something ASAP to secure their current computer or replace it.

Virus, Malware and Infection Removal
Today’s malware and virus infections are serious issues and require in-depth expert removal – not some loss leader service just to get you into a store to sell you a new computer. Is your data important to you? How about your financial and personal information (bank accounts, credit cards, tax records)? Years of photos, email, personal contacts? What about your business and/or personal reputation? All these and more are at risk. If you’re computer isn’t behaving properly then you owe it to yourself to *know* if there is anything bad on it. Using an infected computer without knowing it is putting you, your family and your business at risk.

Computer Clean-up / Speed-up

In-depth comprehensive cleanup and speedup of your computer. This is NOT a “$39” loss-leader “special” designed to sell you unnecessary software or convince you that you should get a new computer. Most clients experience significant performance improvement from this service. Some clients have been able to postpone purchasing a replacement computer for 1, 2 and even up-to 4 years because of this service. May recommend additional RAM, new hard drive, or performance software if we believe it will be helpful.

Parental Control / Content Protection

Control and monitor computer use from any computer on the internet while at home or work.
Can control, monitor and protect the usage of one or more computers and smart phones.
Set hours of access, categories of allowed/banned websites. Age appropriate settings.
Social networking and instant messaging controls and much more. Protect your children from inappropriate web content.
Receive warnings of dangerous or inappropriate use. Change settings as desired. Cannot be by-passed.

New Computer Purchase Assistance

New Computer Setup Services –

Remove undesirable unnecessary software that came with your computer. Update key software with security updates since it left the factory. Insure it’s configured as you like it. Insure that you have top rated security protection in place and working. Have us hook it all up, hook up your devices and even provide you options for having access to your data from your previous computer.

ICS Recommended Security / Performance Software

Top rated, fast Anti-Virus, Firewall, Anti-Malware software packages. Hard Drive performance software.

Installation Work

Range can vary from basic computer install only to desiring security installation upgrade; printer and additional device installation; removal of undesired software pre-bundled with new computer; update/upgrade of out-date factory supplied software; factory restore disc creation; creation of whole hard drive backup image; installation of user desired software, transfer or other provisions for old computer data, etc.

Training, Coaching on Computer Use (Remote or On-Site)

MS Office, Outlook, Word, Excel, Picasa, Email, Using Windows 7, Windows 8
Parental Control software use, iPad, iTunes, iPod, Windows Media Center, and more!

Networking – Wireless or Wired

Router Installation or Upgrades – Consumer or Advanced / Business Class

Business Class Equipment or high-end consumer equipment; Custom / Advanced Settings for access control, speed; Enhanced Router Software; Multi-Band or ‘Guest’ and “hot-spot” customization.

Network Sharing – Basic Home

Share folders, files and/or printer with other computers and users in your home.

Network Sharing Setup – Office or non-Basic

Share folders, files and/or printer with other computers and users on-site or via remote access. Access and Security control customization. Analyze, Survey existing network configuration. Troubleshoot networking problems.

Data Recovery (dead hard drive, external drive, disk errors)

Can’t access your USB or other Hard Drive anymore? Computer won’t start or tells you your hard drive has errors or is likely to fail soon? Do you have precious data on that drive (family photos, music, documents, email) and no other copy of them? If your answer is ‘Yes’ then IMMEDIATELY stop using that hard drive or the computer and get expert help right away. We have excellent success of being able to access and recover data from ‘dead’ hard drives (even those already declared ‘dead’ by in-store repair shops or other computer technicians.) Doing data recovery can take a lot of time, effort, and requires correct tools, methods, and meticulous work. Consider how valuable and important getting your lost data back might be. We can tell you what we do here and you can decide if we are an option you would like to pursue or if your situation is extremely dire and ‘money is no object’ then we can help arrange even higher level of service through one of our partners.

Backup systems – custom, whole drive ‘image’ as well as file based. On-site and/or off-site.

Top rated software. Custom selected hardware selected for high performance and reliability. Built to provide fast recovery of your whole system within minutes with NO reloading of Windows, updates, drivers, etc. Designed to hold multiple days and weeks of backups as well as select backups from months back so you have many points in time to recover from. Designed so backups are stored on completely separate physical hard drive. Avoid worrying as much about your main hard drive(s) failing, accidental file loss/corruption, ‘virus/malware’ infection, days of lost time and business due to expensive and time consuming ‘rebuilding the system’, recovery of only some data, lost data and huge expense. Now possible to ‘reset the clock’ and go back to 1 day, 4 days, 1 week, 1 month ago and be up and running in minutes. Only data loss is between date/time of the backup you choose to recover from and the date/time of the recovery. Options for ‘continuous’ backup and other methods to reduce data loss to just minutes. Systems can be designed for duplicate backup coverage, off-site provisions, drive removal / swapping. System designs available for home, SOHO, or larger. Price varies on needs, equipment, etc. (Note: Strongly recommend regular maintenance and frequent checkup of any backup system.)


  • Most services provided at hourly rate. Some flat rate. Can set limits or budget amounts if desired.
  • Clients that are subscribers to one of our Managed Services plans enjoy discounted rates.
  • 1 hour minimum for on-site visit. Travel beyond 20 minutes may have added charge.
  • Additional costs for hardware and/or software as might be required.
  • New York state residents, sales tax will be added were required by law.