Companion website for Ingalls Computer Services.com (www.ingallscomputerservices.com).

A place where David Ingalls, owner of Ingalls Computer Services, can provide easy access of helpful information to clients, potential clients and to the internet community at large.

A place where I can answer questions I get from clients and share experiences I run into with my day-to-day work helping clients and hopefully benefit many more buy placing the answer here for all to see.

A place where you might come to decide that you like my focus on quality, attentiveness, doing things right, doing them well and not hiding from you total costs and effort likely required to provide great and complete solutions. I’m not interested in fooling people into low cost leader situtations or using tactics for foot-in-the-door opportunities so I can later continue to convince you that you should have me return because you now need X, and now you need Y, and now you need Z solutions. If you want to do your computer ‘right’ (business or residential) and you value your data, a good performing system(s), high security and keeping your system(s) running well from a person that you will know by name and can depend on then you’ve got the right person.

I hope you find articles of use here and perhaps may desire to hire me for my services if you like what you see here. 99% of my business is referral and repeat business from people that know I will do a good job for them and care about their business and/or home computer situation.


    – David