Quotes and comments from our customers – Ingalls Computer Services (ICS)

Residential Plan user(s):

“We really feel more safe and confident when using our computer to do day to day things. We have a lot of confidential information on there and know that it is being protected by the security software. We like being on the monthly plan because we know there is always someone (David) watching out for our computer. He is always a phone call away.”

“The worry about backup is gone! My photos and documents are all saved and retrievable”

“I have recommended ICS to many people and a lot of them don’t realize the importance of being on a monthly plan. It’s like taking in my car for maintenance every so often for routine things or something isn’t working right. I take my car to a trusted mechanic just like I take my computer to a trusted technician. He does regular tune ups to make sure it is running at top performance and updates all my software. With David’s help my computer will outlive everyone else’s until it gets so out of date that it is time for a new computer (which he will help me buy and set up with the old computers data).”

“I got scammed by a “Microsoft” (not really Microsoft) phone call. I should have called Dave sooner but when I did he stayed up until 3am helping me get my computer back to normal.”

Both Business and Residential user(s):

“You guys (ICS) provides me with “peace of mind”. I have other things to deal with other than annoying, time consuming issues with my computer. I know with your help my computer is safe and secure. I see friends and business peers repeatedly having issues with their computers, wondering what to do and where to get help. It is no fun being so frustrated with your computer and wasting time trying to fix it yourself. I feel great when I can stop what I am doing and say “I’ll give Dave a call”, and he is right there someone I know and trust.”

“I have a business and I depend on my computer to work at all times. When I turn it on I do not expect issues. I’ve come to expect that (from ICS)”

“I have trusted their judgment in picking out a good Anti-Virus and Malware security. It is too time consuming and damaging if my computer gets infected with something. If something does slip through the cracks then they are right there to clean it up and make sure it is safe again.”

“I am a small business owner and rely heavily on your technical expertise in computers, iPhones, and iPads. You are reliable and trustworthy and I would say you are available 99% of the time. You always get back to me… always… even on the weekends and holidays. I feel your fees for your many services are reasonable for the work. I am sure you do work behind the scenes too! There is no way I would run my business without someone like you to rely on. You have helped me purchase my equipment when it was time and you got me up and running within one day. It is a pleasure to be associated with both you and your wife. Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind!”