SERVICES WE OFFER to specifically help with Windows 10

These are just some of the SERVICES WE OFFER that are specific to Windows 10. Please call us about any help you might need … with Windows 10 or any technology issue! We provide all sorts of software, hardware, training and managed services (backup to cloud, local, security, networking and more!)

Upgrade me to Windows 10 using ICS Processes and Tools (with extended 60 day restore capability), $160

We use our extra safe processes and tools to upgrade your system to Windows 10 which includes:

  • Checking to find out to what degree your system is supported for Windows 10 and go over our findings with you [If you decide you don’t want to proceed then we will stop work here and only bill for $40.]
  • Backing up your old system with our Image backup technology.
  • You get an extra 30 days (a total of 2 months) to decide whether to keep Windows 10 or request to be restored!
  • We do a direct upgrade of your system to Windows 10 from Microsoft’s servers.
  • Do an initial and ongoing checkouts of your new Windows 10 system once it’s running Windows 10.
  • Configure your Windows 10 settings to maximize privacy, minimize advertising, reduce annoyances, and provide a blend of Windows 7 and Windows 10 features in certain areas.
  • Configure your system to make it easier to use Internet Explorer vs. the new ‘Edge’ browser.
  • Inform you throughout the process of success, failure or of any issues we might come across.
  • We help you to help you decide if you want to keep Windows 10 or have us restore the system to how it was before Windows 10. (Note: There is no additional charge to have us restore your system back to the way it was before the upgrade for whatever reason as long as your system is still here in our shop.)
  • At this point your computer is now running Windows 10! (or it’s been fully restored to before Windows 10 as you requested us to do).
  • Once you have Windows 10 back home can now:
    • Contact us to take advantage of the 20 minutes included remote connect time where we review your Windows 10 system with you. We can demo key features, controls, settings, changes and/or go over key applications you use to make sure you know how to access them and to better insure they are working as you expect them to.
    • Enjoy Window 10 … using it, trying it out and more.
    • Rest assured that you now have 60 days (not just 30) to try it out and use Windows 10. Anytime during those 60 days you can bring your computer back and ask us to restore your system to its prior operating system (as it was just before the Windows 10 upgrade). [Restore fee once your computer once your computer has left our shop, which includes us looking for and saving any new documents, pictures, music, video, email and making sure the restored system has that new data added to it, is an additional $50 … but only if you need it.]

Windows 10 Configuration Review, Setup for Privacy with personal walk through, $60

Do you already have Windows 10 installed but want us to review your settings including settings for Privacy, advertising control, nuisance items, notifications and more? This service is just that. In about 45 minutes to 1 hour we will:

  • Recommend and make changes to settings that reflect your desired level of privacy.
  • Review and adjust different aspects of content and layout of the main menu, notifications, various ‘live’ content and more. These are items that you encounter, see and deal with on a daily basis and the goal is to better personalize your system to reduce annoyances.
  • Make sure you have easy access to either Internet Explorer or the lessor used ‘Edge’ browser. Even if you use Chrome or Firefox as your everyday browser you still need to have access to one of the Microsoft browsers for certain websites. We make sure Internet Explorer isn’t hidden, it’s available for easy traditional access for the rare times you need it vs. wrestling with the ‘Edge’ browser and looking for Internet Explorer.
  • We work hard to make sure you get at least 20 minutes of remote connect time where we review your Windows 10 system with you. We can demo key features, controls, settings, changes and/or go over key applications you use to make sure you know how to access them and to better insure they are working as you expect them to.

Other Services We Can Provide or Help With

Windows 10 ‘Clean Install’
We backup your old system, erase hard drive and install Windows 10 with no leftover parts of your older operating system, restore/migrate your data from your old system to proper places within Windows 10. Installation of other application software, drivers, etc. and how you want your data handled for use with them are items we will discuss with you and agree on the amount of help you desire here. Call and we will work with you to determine your specific needs and talk about options and pricing.

Debug / consult on any Windows 10 upgrade problems or use questions. Remote or on-site. Call us.

Note: Pickup, drop-off, and on-site reinstall services are separate and available for additional fee.

Note: We cannot guarantee that the Windows 10 upgrade will be successful or be fully functional for your system. That is up to Microsoft and your computer manufacturer. We work with your computer and the software they make available for it to try and provide you with the best experience possible but ultimately the degree to which it works or does not work is up to those companies.

Note: Prices do not include the cost of any software licenses if there is a cost for them.

What if you want to try and Do It Yourself?

If you want to do the Windows 10 upgrade yourself … and especially if you are an Ingalls Computer Services customer … these are some things you likely want to do:

  • Backup first just in case.
  • Download and use Never10.exe to make sure your system is set to allow the upgrade to occur.
    • Visit this webpage for more information and to find a link to the download:
    • When you have Never10.exe running you want to:
    • See if you see the ‘Install Update’ button and if you do then you want to select it and follow any instructions.
    • Look for ‘Enable Win10 Upgrade’ button. If you see the ‘Enable Win10 Upgrade’ button then select it and follow any instructions. If you do not see the ‘Enable Win10 Upgrade’ button then perhaps you see red text that says ‘Windows 10 OS Upgrade is ENABLED for this system!’ and if you do then you are all set and you are done with Never10.exe. If you don’t see the ‘Enable Win10 Upgrade’ button nor do you see the text mentioned above then perhaps you need to restart your system and try Never10.exe again to see such a button. Give that a try.
  • If you just made changes using Never10.exe then I suggest restarting your system just to start in a known state.
  • Now open ‘Windows Update’ and run it to get and install updates repeatedly (and do any requested restarts) until there are no more Windows updates.
  • Now what? Only Microsoft really knows honestly! It’s magic. Windows is supposed to ask you about whether you want Windows 10 and secretly downloads 3 to 10 GB of files and eventually start a process to schedule or do the upgrade for you. The problem with this is that you are at the mercy of Microsoft’s process, timing, etc.
  • Alternative step to do after the above step (I would seriously consider doing this … especially if you don’t get any immediate indication from Microsoft about it doing the upgrade right away). Go to this Microsoft webpage and follow instructions to get the upgrade:

Note: Ingalls Computer Services does NOT recommend you do the Windows 10 upgrade yourself but if you are going to do the upgrade yourself (1) you are completely responsible for all aspects and (2) we advise that you must first get a full hard drive image backup before you attempt this so you might have a way to recover if all else fails.

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