David Ingalls. Owner of ‘Ingalls Computer Services’ in Rochester, New York. I’ve been in the computer field and industry since 1978. I am very particular about what I do and doing it the best I can. My clients range from small businesses, sole-proprietors, to residential. Most are Windows installations but I also work on Macs and Linux. I do software and hardware work as well as networking. I have a fantastic success rate at cleaning computers of viruses and malware as well as cleaning them up so they run much more like they did when you first got your computer. These are not quick cheap tasks. If you are looking for quick and cheap then you might want to look elsewhere … but you should also seriously question if you really are getting the service you should. I am thorough and good at what I do. I have been called in after people and other companies have given up on 1, 2 and even three other ‘experts’ that have failed to help with their problems. In those cases I’ve been called in and been able to solve problems and ease their frustrations where others could not do so.

I am a BIG proponent of KEEPING your computer regularly maintained, having a backup system that runs automatically, and not fooling around with security software – get the best. I have helped consult for new purchases, built computers from scratch (including building extremely high-end Home Theater PC’s with High-Def TV and DVR capability), and I fix, repair and do training as desired.

I provide remote support to people via the internet no matter what their location is. Clients have ranged from South Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Virginia as well as New York state and with my remote capabilities I can provide services and help to just about anyone that has a connection to the internet. A phone call, agreement on payment and I can be ready to be working to help solve problems via remote connection within minutes or schedule a time that works best for you.

I also provide (and I’m a big proponent of) Monthly Remote Managed Service Plans (RMSP) for a select group of clients. I take the worry and time to provide them peace of mind, regular updates, checkups, speedup work, review alerts that come in from their computers 24/7 and do my best to keep their systems running in top form.

Clients on the RMSP also benefit from early detection of potential situations thus them to usually be solved quickly, less expensively than if they were to go unnoticed. Clients also are much more likely to benefit from longer-term planning of what needs may need to be addressed rather than having a sudden situation crop up that has their computer dead in the water (for instance planning for when to go to a new system, or planning for hard drive upgrade). And finally – because of the benefits of RMSP keeping clients computers running well and secure – many have found that they have gotten many more years of use from them compared to friends and peers. Is this costly? Not when you look at the overall picture and freedom of time and concern to do what it is you really want to do in life and also have savings due to someone keeping an eye on things on a regular basis. Several clients have remarked how I have literally extended the use of their system by years! While I have RMSP users that use all different versions of Windows, I have some extremely happy XP users who were able to keep healthy secure and fast XP systems (and still have them running super well to this day) and avoid the whole Vista expense and fiasco! Yes – a time will come where they may want to or need to move forward and the RMSP will continue to be there for them at that time.

I also do data recovery work. Never assume your computer data is gone or inaccessible! If your computer is stuck, won’t start, has serious problems and you have valuable data on it then PLEASE make sure you don’t take your computer to a place that will “fix” your problem but end up telling you that all your data is gone (or not tell you but you find out that it is gone.) If you have seriously valuable business, family, personal or any important data on your computer and it’s worth it for you to have someone work on your computer that cares about doing the best to preserve your data, or recover it if it has reached a point of getting damaged then consider me for your help. Doing this type of work requires someone that is detail oriented and very careful. It can be expensive. Like most things, upfront investment in prevention, backup and regular maintenance will save money and worry here and help avoid costly work. It’s always best when people don’t have any need for data recovery work. But if it’s important and you need it then I am very successful at tackling many such jobs.

Well that’s a lot for an “About” me page!

I hope your computing needs are being well met but if they aren’t – give me a call or email. Especially if you place high value on keeping your system secure, running well and desire proactive/preventive regular action to keep it running well!

– David Ingalls