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Top 8 Things to Avoid Getting Scammed, Lose your Security, Cash and more

It all starts with a phone call from someone or company you do not know claiming there is a problem with your computer. They claim they they are from a legitimate company, that they can prove the problems with your … Continue reading

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Your computer – total cost of ownership

Prices of computers have gone down over the past 5-10 years. It’s common to see advertisements for $399.99 computers. However is it really this simple and inexpensive? What are you getting (or not getting) for $399.99? What are the hidden … Continue reading

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Install Windows 7 on a Toshiba Laptop that currently has Windows XP or Vista on it.

Many Toshiba laptops built since 2007 are able to have their XP or Vista operating system upgraded or replaced with Windows 7. What’s really nice about Toshiba is they have very clear information about how to determine if this can … Continue reading

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How to Change your Screen Resolution in Windows 7 for easy reading and viewing

Does the text on your Windows 7 monitor seem too small to read easily even though you have a large monitor? Does it seem strange (or even annoying) that you have a really nice large LCD monitor (say 22” inches … Continue reading

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Whole Drive Backup – Your best friend!

Not only should you have a backup. Having a complete backup image of your hard drive and having multiple ‘snapshots’ of your hard drive going back over time provides you with ability to do anything from recovering a single file to … Continue reading

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