Whole Drive Backup – Your best friend!

Not only should you have a backup. Having a complete backup image of your hard drive and having multiple ‘snapshots’ of your hard drive going back over time provides you with ability to do anything from recovering a single file to fast recovery of your whole hard drive from a few days ago before some nasty virus or malware infection got a hold of your system. And if your main hard drive fails … just a quick call to your computer technician and you can have a new hard drive and the image of your system recovered on it in a matter of an hour or so. The longest part of the recovery process will likely be your technician driving to your location and perhaps them stopping off at the computer parts store to get you a new hard drive!

Peace of mind!

There’s a lot more to backup systems, good software, not-so-good software, good/fast hardware and possible need to keep the backup system maintained. But the investment in a high-quality, fast backup-system that backs up your whole hard drive onto a second drive (and investing in having it looked after on a regular basis) can easily end up paying for itself. Just one hard drive failure or one nasty incident with malware can end up costing more than the price of a top notch backup system with regular maintenance. With the backup system working you have peace of mind that you can recover from above incidents relatively quickly, easily and that your precious music, photos, documents … in fact your whole hard drive … is protected on a separate and dedicated backup drive.

Note: I prefer backup systems that I create specially for my clients vs. off-the-shelf store bought solutions. A computer technician such as myself can usually design a better system that’s faster and has better warranty coverage, etc. than a very attractively priced plastic wrapped external drive sitting on the shelf of a name brand computer or office supply store.

If you are interested in going a level or two above a store bought solution then give me a call and we can work out a system that is right for you and your computer.

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