OneNote Screen Clipping keyboard shortcut

Ugh! OneNote’s screen clipping keyboard shortcut differs depending on what Windows OS you are using.

For Windows 8.1 and likely newer the shortcut is:
     Windows + Shift + S.

For Windows versions prior to 8.1 (8, 7, Vista, etc.) the keyboard shortcut is:
    Windows + S

Haven’t used OneNote? See if you have it as part off Microsoft Office suite of applications and try it! It’s become one of my top MS Office applications next to Excel and Word. And if you’ve ever wanted to have a quick easy way to grab screen snapshots and either have them ready to paste elsewhere or want to have them automatically saved then OneNote with the Screen Clipping keyboard shortcut will be your new friend! Another cool teaser of OneNote functionality (of many) is you can right click on an image in a OneNote page and have OneNote “Copy Text from Picture” to get the text from that image!

Have fun!

[BTW – Thanks Microsoft! Who would guess that the same application, OneNote of version XXX, would have a different keyboard shortcut depending on the operating system it’s installed in! Wonders never cease to exist in the world of software!]

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